斯普瑞半封闭式循环水洗呼吸器,IS-Mix,用于执行敏感的军事任务和救援工作。IS Mix集30多年的研发经验,是充分验证的ACSC和DCSC系统。

寂 静

IS-Mix 操作极其简单快速。由于其出色的磁信号和声学特性,潜水员可以在未被发现的情况下水下工作。与许多同类系统不同,IS-Mix不需要大量校准,潜水员可以在20分钟内进入水中。

Anders Johnsson, 研发部经理, 斯普瑞

1. Divator Full Face Mask accepts most diving communication systems and affords the diver excellent vision and breathing with both mouth and nose. 2. Rated to 60 metres. 3. Weighted bellows deliver the correct dosage of fresh gas into the breathing circuit and enables the diver to breathe easy in any position. 4. Can be stored fully prepared for immediate use. 5. The harness is ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort and safety. 6. Breathable gas that can be used in an emergency

The DPX – The right kind of pressure for professional divers

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The IS-Mix can be combined with our revolutionary high pressure surface supply system, the DPX. It operates at 300 bar and brings you the added safety of surface supply diving without bulky hoses and complicated systems. With the hose weighing in at just 10 % of a traditional low pressure hose, it’s much easier for the diver to handle and less subject to currents. And since the regulator is incorporated with the diver’s equipment, there’s no need for the attendant to manually adjust the pressure – letting the whole team focus on the mission at hand.

The panel has a clear and simple interface divided into one deep gas side and one decompression side.